Christmas Lore Original Stories
1)  Maddie’s Gift
A story of a young girl and Christmas Eve in a snowy
Midwestern city.  The story involves a snowman, the
class bully, family, church service, and a special gift that
Maddie doesn’t even know she gave.   A story to inspire
that Christmas is about giving and caring.

2)  Holly and Ivy
Holly and Ivy are 2 bunnies that live on Mr. Lake’s farm
and enjoy the Christmas season.  This story involves a
family that has to spend the night at Farmer Lake’s
house and how they realize that Christmas is not to be
rushed, but instead should be a time for peace and
quiet.  The message is that hope is born again every

3)  Christmas at Flanders Field
The story of Hank, a young Canadian WWI soldier who
is sent to repair an airplane on Christmas Eve and gets
a first hand experience with the holy spirit as the
soldiers put down their arms and celebrate Christmas
Eve.  Based on the actual events of “The Christmas

4)  Santa’s Suspenders
A story about Santa and learning to fly the reindeer with
the help of leather making elf named Schuster.  A fun
interactive story that has lots of ups and downs, but is
fun for all.  

5)  We Were Sore Afraid
A story of a  shepherd on a hill outside Bethlehem and
how his life was changed one night by a visit from an
angel.  The shepherd was afraid, but compelled to go in
search of a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.  A story
to remind us that Jesus came to earth for all people.

6)  An Orange for Christmas
Set in the depression, young Howard looks forward to
the local fire department Christmas Party where each
child is given an orange and a bag of peanuts.  The
story talks of how Christmas was difficult in the
depression, but still a happy time, filled with song and
family.  It also discusses the historical significance of an
orange in the holiday as both a decoration and a

7)  Bringing Judy Home
The true story of a brother taking the train to Chicago to
bring Judy home from the hospital for what was to be
her last Christmas.  A chance to reflect on how
Christmas was growing up, weird memories and
traditions and the realization that Christmas is for the
family, not matter what the age.   

8)  Christmas, The Moon, and Apollo 8
The story of Rich and how his interest in the space race
kept him glued to the television over the holiday as man
orbited the moon for the first time.  The pictures sent
back to earth helped Rich realize what a wonderful world
he lived in and how important it was for Jesus to come
into this world.  Also looks at how man being able to fly
to the moon may impact Santa’s annual excursion.
This is a tale for those who want to grab a glass of
tang,  pull out their Apollo space craft models, and listen
to Walter Cronkite describe man’s small steps.

9)  Christmas Myths and Urban Legends
A historical look at how Christmas has evolved during
the last 150 years what has really happened and what
has sprung up as urban legend.  This is not as much a
story as it is a retrospect of the modernization of
Christmas.  This will talk about the writing of Silent Night,
Coca Cola and Santa Claus, the influence of television
Christmas specials and way Christmas changed with the
times during World War II and through the last quarter
of the 20th century.

10)  Remembering the Old Church
A victim of a deteriorating inter-city, declining
attendance, and minimal financial support, Faith Church
is closing after 120 years.  Jim is asked to come pick up
some items his grandparents had donated to the church
some 70 years earlier.  While looking through the
various items in the church basement, Jim remembers
how special Christmas Eve was in the old church during
its glory years, and how even if the building is closing,
the message it provides lives on, especially at

11)  Walking With the Herd
Every year, prior to the big excursion, Santa is able to
take a reindeer for a practice / exercise.  They could go
anywhere in the world, and usually do.  This story is a
collection of things Santa has seen and contemplated
on these annual journeys.  One story involves finding a
flower buried in a rare California snow, another deals
with the beauty of stars on an open field, a third
involves the sounds of carolers singing in a hay ride.

12)  Going to Tiedtke's on the Teeter and Wobble

A story for people from Northwestern Ohio.  This tale is
about a small child Christmas adventure.  Riding the
Toledo Western Railroad from downtown Sylvania, Ohio
to downtown Toledo.  Visiting the Tiedtke's Department
store to enjoy the atmosphere, visit Toyland and see
Santa Claus.  Then riding the train back home, with
packages, cheese, and other special surprises.  A
nostalgic look at the Christmas season before shopping
malls replaced downtown shopping.
Below is a description of original stories that can be told
at your event.  They can be told either by Santa in the
3rd person, or 1st person.
Stories range between
10 and 20 minutes
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Original or Classic Stories
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