Santa Dave Testimonials
People Have Said ....
Below are comments from people who have seen
Santa Dave, heard his stories, or otherwise have
experienced his spiritual gifts.
Santa Dave is a friend at church. I have known
him for several years. Until recently I worked at
our church as the Director of Volunteers so I saw
Dave in various situations. Last December I
asked him if he would come as Santa to our
Victorian Christmas Party. He arrived as
scheduled and was absolutely wonderful. The
children were so excited and they loved him
because you could see how much he cared for
them. The adults also had a great response to
him as he spoke and joked with them and then
everyone ....and I do mean everyone....had their
picture taken with Santa. He made the evening a
great success. Dave is a natural Santa. He loves
people and he loves making them happy.
Your story about Hank at  Flander's Field and
World War I Silent Night touched me very
deeply.  It made my Christmas complete.
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You truly are the real thing, and this is a
wonderful gift you have, to bring joy and delight
and to raise the Christmas spirit during a time
when so many people are stressed and rushed
You are touching so many lives and making a
difference in the world through your work.  
Thank you for sharing this, Santa Dave.
You can also have your own Peek A Boo Party.