Santa Video
Have you had a child write a letter to Santa, or drawn a special
picture to Santa?  This is an opportunity to have a recording of
Santa  reading the letter and enjoying the correspondence.

Here's how it works: your child writes a letter to Santa, and
hopefully  draws a picture, puts it in an envelope addressed to
Santa at the North Pole.  You then take the letter, put it in a
separate envelope and US mail it to Santa Dave (I will get you the
address a little later).

Santa will be sitting at home when the elf Gizmo comes in to test a
camcorder.  Santa chats a little with Gizmo and says, "sure you
can  try it on me".  "I'm just sitting down with some hot cocoa and
reading  some letters that kids have sent me".  I will have some of
my "stuffed  animal friends with me - they will vary on each reading.
And Santa  will read a group of between 6 and 8 letters.

Santa will react to the letter, and based on notes from you, will be
able to identify the child and special things that only Santa would
know..  Santa will then mail you a physical DVD, with a Santa label,
the letter reading and a few other treats.  You're child's letter would
be one of several on that series.   The DVD will have a Christmas
label and will be postmarked from Rudolph, Oho (they have a
canceled stamp with a reindeer on it.  If you request it, Santa will
return the picture, and you can either leave it as a Santa drop off
Christmas Eve, or give  it to the child whenever you desire.
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smile and put that extra magical
happening at christmas time. Also,
the charity dontation that is just
great! Clarily you do it for the true
meaning of christmas.

We had put it in the tree because I
forgot after putting all the gifts out
from santa that I had the dvd in a
safe place and so in the morning I
was sneaky and put it in the tree and
said... Oh boy what is this.. He did
not have much interst until I told him
what it was I said do you want to
watch it he said maybe later. I said
oh lets see what santa had to say
once I put it in he was you and he
was also the first on on the video
(which I think helped) then he saw
his letter that we wrote and then he
was glued thought it was so neat that
santa had gotten his letter and that
he was talking to Alexander. It was

Very well received! She was amazed!

The kids were awestruck when they
heard their names and the special
comments about each one. Watching
them was absolutely priceless!
Santa Decorates his Workshop
with ceramics from D&D