Santa Stories Christmas Lore
The use of a Christmas
wreath as a decoration on
your front door, mantel or
bay window symbolizes a sign
of welcome and long life to all
who enter..
Christmas Trivia
Thanks to The Candy
Cane Christmas Shoppe in
Archbold, Ohio for allowing
store.  It is a wonderful
store.  It is a wonderful
place, and make sure to
place, and make sure to
visit Marv's Treehouse.
Coca-cola Era
Santa Claus
Perfect for American
Christmas Parties.
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Victorian era
Father Christmas
For European events
such as December 6
and St. Nicholas Day
Middle Earth
Father Christmas
Perfect for teens or 20
somethings - inspired
from stories by J.R.R.
Welcome to a place to find out lots of things about Christmas.  This site is under construction,
but when its done, it will have stories about Christmas, some Christmas history, Truths vs.
Urban legends and lots of information about North American Folk Lore and the wonderful
holiday named Christmas

Visits can be arranged with a Santa in an attire of your choosing:
Merry Christmas

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